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"Hoist the Colours"

Lebanon / ohio

Evers Forge Works


Greetings and welcome to all! EversForgeWorks is an independent, proudly combat veteran owned organization operating out of Lebanon Ohio. With a passion for detail and function, Evers blades are hand forged and uniquely crafted to meet even the most vigorous of standards and requirements.    





Dependable and rugged, Evers blades are systematically customized and constructed with you, the client, forever in mind. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, searching to accommodate the harsh demands of a cattle rancher, or even meet the requirements of the most experienced operators overseas, you can be confident in the versatility and quality of your purchase. No matter the task or conditions, Evers blades have your six.    

The knife is the most permanent, the most immortal, the most ingenious of man's creations. The knife was a guillotine; the knife is a universal means of resolving all knots... 
— Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin