My name is John David, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my page. It means everything that you are interested in my products, and will do my very best to fulfill all my customer's needs. 

I grew up in a small Texas town called Eagle Pass. Raised on cattle ranches and the overall tough work environment that entails, I developed a love for knives at a very early age when I received my first folder. It never left my side, and took it absolutely everywhere. Over the years my fascination for these remarkable tools increased to the point of having quite the collection. From ranch work, hunting, fishing, camping, and just your occasional walkabout, I began to understand the qualities a good blade should have.

The importance of durability, performance, and overall effectiveness in its design. I mean what if your life truly depends on it? That was never more painfully obvious until I deployed overseas the first time. In conditions such as combat, from cutting yourself out of the tangled vehicle straps of a downed vehicle, jabbing a murder hole through a qalat mud wall, to simply prepping a meal, this tool is required to run a gambit of tasks that test a blade above and beyond any form of general use.

Taking this experience and knowledge gained in the field throughout the years, it allowed me to see what works, and what doesn't. Knives have been essential to mankind throughout human history and key to human survival, and should be trusted in even the harshest of conditions or situations.

I have learned many things about knives throughout my lifetime, and have a real passion for them. 
As a bladesmith, there is nothing quite like seeing someone receive their first knife. Knowing the blade will serve them well, knowing it will be here long after I'm gone, and that it could be passed on to the next generation absolutely fuels me and my craft.  

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